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ROUS was formed in (approximately) 1892 as a corporation for likeminded people to kick back, shoot some fools and enjoy the sights and sounds of EVE Online.

Many of us came from larger corps and alliances. We had become disillusioned with the increasing way in which these bodies were becoming more and more complex, moving steadily further from the central concept that EVE is just a game... not a job. ROUS quickly became a place where people could live with a common understanding of what it means to be free from these expectations, but still be successful as a corp, and have a laugh at the same time.

It's hard to describe what it means to be a Rodent, or what we're looking for in prospective Rodents. But we know it when we see it. We stand by each other as super space friends and as allies. Not because we must, but because we can. And we love to blow up spaceships.

No Alliance. No Grand Plans. No Bullshit.

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Mega Cool PVP

We are by no means "PVP Gods", nor do we ever want to be. We're pretty good at PVP but we're also humble enough to learn from our mistakes and share new ideas. We're not afraid of losing ships and we're most certainly not intimidated by any other entity in EVE.

ROUS participate in lowsec and nullsec roams - engaging all targets of opportunity. Some call this "piracy". We prefer to call it "blowing shit up". We also engage in highsec wars. We usually declare war on corporations who have done something to disgust us. Usually bad grammar is enough to warrant this kind of action.

Super Fantastic PVE

"Oh but oh but I only like to PVP". Good luck PVPing without a bit of PVE to pay for it. Lets face it, we all have a bit of carebear in us. Those who say they don't, usually have an account dedicated to doing just that.

In ROUS we make our money in a variety of ways. This includes running missions, 0.0 plexes, trading and if we're really desperate, we'll even dance. We have an avenue for making money from manufacturing and research too. If you ever find yourself short on cash, your corpies will be here to help you out. With a loan at 2000% APR

Ridiculous Banter

Guess what? EVE Online is a video game. While we pride ourselves on being the best we can be in EVE, we also recognise that the game we play is, well... internet spaceship chess. And although internet spaceships is obviously a very serious business, we're here to have fun and have a laugh.

One ROUS custom is the "bumming" of our victims. While "bumming" and "victims" aren't usually associated with "good LOLs", if you find a (_!_) from a ROUS member in your local channel, you'll know that you've been bummed. In fact, you've actually just been bummed.


ROUS is a newbie-friendly corp. We'll help you to take your first steps in EVE through advice and mentoring. We might even help you to buy new ships, skills and equipment! You have to understand that you'll probably end up losing ships as a member of ROUS. It's all part of the game. If you're willing to take risks and learn through "trial by fire", you'll fit right in.

You're also free to come and go as you please. If you want to experience other aspects of EVE such as Alliance warfare or if you want to go live in a wormhole for a few months, feel free. The door is always open for your return!

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